25 November 2013

OUR WORLD BROUGHT TO YOUR HOME… Treasures from Mexico, China, Turkey, Africa, Morocco… Since our last blog, we have been collecting more and more one-of-a-kind pieces, some old, some new, some modern, some tribal. Below is a photo of our newly updated back room at INSH'ALA with detail photos of some of the treasures displayed. For example, the Mod 60 (DM Nacional) Butter Yellow Leather Chair, it's companion, a handsome Mid-Century Yellow chair with its original leather, and one of our recently acquired"prizes", the large hand-carved cedar screeen… each from Mexico. We have just received a shipment of tribal Cicim rugs from Turkey, and, with our love of melding unique objects from all moments in time and around the world, you will see here interesting table lamps aside an old hand-made Moroccan box made of bone below a very old monkey mask from Mali. Framed silk screen images of native Mexican dress – each one unique and delightful, add a bit of levity to this scene. Bi disks, objects that historically were buried in the grave to help the passed soul find their way to the heavens, now decorate a modern table in company with a hand-wrought counterweight, both from China. Counterweights are used to weave fabric in and out of and worn on the back of someone carrying a bundle against their chests. Green glazed bowls from Morocco add color to the whole ensemble. Enjoy and a very happy Day of Thanks to all!


IMG_3041chair 1chair 3screenrugmaskcarpetalamp bi disk  counterweight green plate


















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